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Marble is a stone composed of calcite (CaCO3) or the combination of calcareous minerals (CaCO3) and dolomite ((Ca,Mg) (CO3)2) and has been created by the transformation of limestones, meaning sedimentary carbonate stones. The word is known from the ancient Greek verb "μαρμαίρω" (marmero) which means "shine".

The quality of marbles depends, to a considerable extent, on the composition of the stones from which they have originated and moreover on their transformation. The colors of marbles do vary. Pure calcite is white, but any mineral impurities add color. Genuine crystalline Greek marbles are the white marbles of Penteli and Dionysos, the white - semi - white marbles of the Drama - Kavala - Thassos- Volakas area, the marble of Tranovaltos Kozani, the marble of Naxos, the pink marble of Pelion etc. There is a wide variety of marbles in different colors and types, but some of the white ones are among the best marbles in the world. That is why Greece is considered one of the countries  with the largest variety of white and light colored marble.

Depending on the size of the granules of their crystals, the marbles are characterized as fine-grained (grains size 0.01-0.5 mm), medium-grained (grains size 0.5-2 mm) and heavy-grained (grain size 2-6 mm). Fine-grained marbles are thought to have greater mechanical strength than medium-grained ones. Their endurance, however, depends also on their histological characteristics.

Greek marbles are among the most famous in the world. Besides the varieties that exist, white marble is also associated with the ancient masterpieces of sculpture and the architecture of Ancient Greece. Thus, the demand for Greek marble has always been significant and the industry has a strong export orientation, ranking Greece among the world's largest marble producers and exporters.

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N.S.Marble is one of the Greek companies that exports Greek Marbles all over the world, linking its name with the most successful large-scale projects with the use of White Greek Marbles.

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