Marble table - Classic & Modern

Marble is a timeless value in interior design since it is a classic element that keeps its dynamics unaltered over time. Although marble has been established initially as a luxurious material used in large buildings such as palaces and hotels with more classical decoration, it has now become a basic material in projects with very modern lines and interiors with minimal details.

The uniqueness of the material is highlighted even on small surfaces such as marble trays, marble objects for the kitchen and bathroom, small marble tables etc. Marble combined with materials such as wood and metal can offer the creation of unique furniture with intrigue detailing . A marble dining table or a marble coffee table in the living room can be a reference point in your space and catch everybody's attention. Since marble's colour choices are unlimited, each marble detail can create different aesthetics to each space.

N.S.Marble undertakes the construction of tables made of marble, granite, quartz, terrazzo and any other natural stone. You can visit the company's showroom to choose between dozens of stones, the one that suits your style. The palette of the collection includes all tones of nature giving countless decorative options.


Text: Mikaella Theofanopoulou

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